Specifics of Innovation Project as a Prerequisite for Risks Management of an Investment Portfolio

The article is aimed at highlighting the need for a deep understanding of terminology in the sphere of realization and implementation of innovations for successful financial risks management and entry into financial markets, also to ensure sustainable innovation development of the national economy. 

On the basis of analysis of scientific literature different approaches to definition of the term of «innovation project» are systematized and the conclusion is made about existence of real problem of incompleteness and narrowing of the basic concepts in the sphere of innovations. 

Based on the existing uncertainty in the implementation of innovation as well as the characteristics of the final product, the most complete and comprehensive definition of innovation project is suggested, the author also presents the key difference between an innovation project and a conventional, traditional project for further quality management of investment and financial risks of projects with such aninherent feature as significant spread of future results.

Keywords: innovation, innovation project, uncertainty, risk management, venture financing, portfolio investment.

Publisher: Scientific Journal «Business Inform», No 4(495), 2019, ISSN 2222-4459 (Print), ISSN 2311-116X (Online), p.92-97.

Dmytro Shestakov

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