The Degree of Innovation: Through Incremental to Radical

Written in co-authorship with Oleksiy Poliarush

Innovation is one of the most important forms of expanding the economic system’s capabilities and competitiveness in a modern, dynamic world. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the theory of innovation has been developing, changing, and improving significantly and many scientific papers have been created on the topic of types of innovation. However, even today, scientists are confused in basic concepts, replacing one with another and taking one for the other without proper and in-depth terminology understanding. Although from innovation direction point of view, there are clear distinction between types and some uncertainty in the levels (degrees) of innovations. 

For many years there have been many differences in the scientific literature, which significantly influenced both the in-depth understanding of the innovation concept and the quality of approaches to assessing the levels of innovation. The purpose of this paper is to make an in-depth review of the literature on innovation types to identify approaches that emphasize the degree of innovation. We considered the different conclusions of the researchers step by step and argue that there is the problem of identifying one or another innovation in terms of its degree and find the disagreements in the scientific literature in basic concepts to understand high degree innovation. 

The most complete and extended definitions of incremental, semi-radical, radical, disruptive, and breakthrough innovation were proposed, as well as Degree of Innovation matrix was created to clearly demonstrate the existing distinctive features of each individual degree of innovation. 

This paper contributes to the theoretical analysis of the impact of innovative knowledge, as well as broadens previously published scientific literature, analyzing its impact on understanding the types and degrees of innovation, as well as the relationships, characteristics and key differences between them. The result of the research is the conceptual basis supported by the scientific literature for the modern understanding of terminology in the field of innovation activities.

Keywords: innovation, radical, incremental, disruptive, breakthrough.

Publisher: Scientific Journal « Investytsiyi: praktyka ta dosvid », No 11, 2019, DOI: 10.32702/2306-6814.2019.11.66, р. 66-75.

Dmytro Shestakov

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