Evaluate Projects with High Uncertainty by Real Options Method

The article analyzes the method of real options in terms of its ability to evaluate an investment project with a high level of uncertainty. The method of real options is compared with the classical approaches of project evaluation. The reasons for development of methods for start-ups and innovative projects evaluation are described and substantiated. 

The advantages of the method of real options are highlighted by including in the evaluation of investor’s possibilities the implementation of managerial decisions in the process of creation of innovative products (project). 

The necessity of development of scientific and practical literature on evaluation of projects by means of complex options is substantiated. A three-year simple deferral option is described and evaluated for practical understanding of the financial advantages of the method of real options while making an investment decision, which results in the crucial importance of correct investment solution at each stage of uncertainty scattering.

Keywords: real option, evaluation of projects, innovations, uncertainty.

Publisher: Scientific Journal «Business Inform», No 2 (493), 2019, ISSN 2222-4459 (Print), ISSN 2311-116X (Online), p.102-108.

Dmytro Shestakov

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