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21 December 2018

Understanding Innovation: Process, Project and Product-Centric Views

Innovation is the most important source of differentiation in a dynamic environment. It helps to create a new product...   more

01 August 2018

Strategic Flexibility as a Key to Innovativeness: Theoretical Framework

Firms must be flexible to manage discontinuities and unpredictable change in their environments. Flexibility has...   more

01 May 2018

Strategy of Innovations Development in Ukraine Part II. Action Plan

Summary of the recommendations of the European Commission and the World Bank in respect of switching to the innovation...   more

01 August 2017

Strategy of Innovations Development in Ukraine Part I. Introduction

Ukraine remains among the world leaders in the field of development and production...   more

01 June 2015

Real Option Approach to Evaluate Strategic Flexibility for Startup Projects

Evaluation of a startup project strategic flexibility depending on its available...   more

01 May 2014

Real Option Strategic Approach to Find Optimal Company’s Source of Financing

Evaluation of the project expanded NPV rather than simple or passive NPV depending...   more

01 April 2014

Company’s Source of Financing Valuation Using Strategic Real Option Approach

Company's expanded NPV depending on its available financing options using real option...   more

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