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15 July 2019

Is Innovation a Secret Box or a Methodology for New Products Development?

While the majority of companies do not have clear understanding on innovation, this model is getting wide spread....   more

04 August 2018

How to Turn Soviet-Era Worldview into Cluster-Type Economy

Innovative process is the search for or the creation of mechanisms able to resolve specific problem. It emerges...   more

26 January 2018

Brain Drain, Demographic Crisis in Ukraine and Possible Solutions

According to the official sources, 350 thousand engineers and scientists were involved in R&D in 1990. Today, their...   more

19 January 2018

Innovations vs. Replications

There are development directions which should be the top priority directions for...   more

16 January 2018

Two-In-One: Cross Points Between Military Start-Ups and Private Business Sector

As military technologies demonstrate the deeper penetration into our everyday life,...   more

09 January 2018

Military Startups: Myths And Reality Of Cooperation With The State

There are great many myths of Ukrainian defense industry. Perhaps, one of the most...   more

09 April 2014

Ukrainian Financial System: Change or Die?

When the time of major disturbances comes, it is crucial to find the guiding targets...   more

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