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16 January 2018

Two-In-One: Cross Points Between Military Start-Ups and Private Business Sector

As military technologies demonstrate the deeper penetration into our everyday life, they become an integral part...   more

09 January 2018

Military Startups: Myths And Reality Of Cooperation With The State

There are great many myths of Ukrainian defense industry. Perhaps, one of the most deep-rooted ones is of the closure...   more

09 April 2014

Ukrainian Financial System: Change or Die?

When the time of major disturbances comes, it is crucial to find the guiding targets showing the way forward. Ukraine...   more

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Scientific publications

01 May 2019

Evaluate Projects with High Uncertainty by Real Options Method

Real options in terms of its ability to evaluate an investment project with a high...   more

01 May 2018

Strategy of Innovations Development in Ukraine Part II. Action Plan

Summary of the recommendations of the European Commission and the World Bank in respect...   more

01 August 2017

Strategy of Innovations Development in Ukraine Part I. Introduction

Ukraine remains among the world leaders in the field of development and production...   more

01 June 2015

Real Option Approach to Evaluate Strategic Flexibility for Startup Projects

Evaluation of a startup project strategic flexibility depending on its available...   more

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