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My name is Dmytro Shestakov.
I help Startup Founders
to create brilliant products.

I have been creating new products and startups in Fintech, Edtech, Healthtech and Cybertech for over 16 years. I invest my experience in the success of innovative projects and minimize the risks of failure. I share my experience and knowledge with founders of startups, investors, and business leaders in my blog. Creating innovative products is a clear and manageable process of transforming drive ideas into multi-million solutions that change the world for the better. Enjoy it!

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24 March 2020

Ukraine Will Have Its Own Silicon Valley One Day. Meanwhile Innovations Are in Still Mode

There are two categories of business: those who take steps and those who do nothing. Reason for the latter case...   more

23 August 2019

Why Innovation in Business Is Inevitable: Four Factors That Cannot Be Ignored

What will your company be like in 10 years if you stop finding new ways to improve production and operation processes,...   more

15 July 2019

Is Innovation a Secret Box or a Methodology for New Products Development?

While the majority of companies do not have clear understanding on innovation, this model is getting wide spread....   more

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My experience

I have been creating new products and developing startup projects in Fintech, Edtech, Healthtech and Cybertech for over 16 years. I am the expert in innovations of the UN Development Programs and Global Compact, co-founder of the innovation product development company THINKERA, member of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), member of the PMI Kyiv Chapter, PhD, MBA, PMP.

Projects and products

I worked on the projects for the creation, launch and development of the innovation park UNIT.City, the Energy Efficiency Fund of Ukraine, on the creation of breakthrough solutions in augmented reality and space technologies in collaboration with the biggest world centres on defence technology development DRDO (India) and DARPA (USA). I created the innovation department and managed the portfolio of new products and technologies for the State defence enterprise "SpetsTechnoExport". Besides, I ran the development of trading platforms in collaboration with the NYSE Euronext, Bloomberg and Modex.
I created successful innovative products and solutions, including the streaming analytics platform CryptoExchangeRanks, the cybersecurity platform Hacken, the augmented reality system LimpidArmor, the unmanned aerial vehicle Sparrow and the unmanned battle vehicle Fantom. At the beginning of my career, I was involved in the creation and launch of the first indexed investment fund and the first trust management fund in Ukraine and the creation and launch of the most innovative mink farm in the world.
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